Who We Are

Retirement Resources Inc., a local Wealth Management firm, was established over 40 years ago in 1976 by Ric and Todd Durdahl’s father, Lyle Durdahl. From the very beginning, their goal was to follow Warren Buffet’s rules of investing: “Rule No. 1, Don’t Lose Money” and “Rule #2, see Rule #1.” This is especially important for retirees and pre-retirees five years out from retirement who don’t have time to rebuild a nest egg that took 20 to 30-plus years to accumulate!

Retirement Resources Inc. currently manages assets under advisement of well over $50 million and is licensed as Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR). Ric and Todd maintain a vigorous program of ongoing education, which continually updates them with a high level of training in the latest retirement strategies.

Ric and Todd specialize in advising clients on how they can protect their principal and interest, ensuring that their money lasts. They focus on how to help their clients avoid the most common financial mistakes, utilizing the latest retirement planning techniques to design and implement personalized plans that reduce financial risk, lower taxes, avoid probate, and protect assets from the high cost of nursing homes, taxes and a poor economy. Operations Manager Dorothy Durdahl, Ric’s wife, is also insurance-licensed and handles healthcare related services, which includes Medicare, Nursing Home, Prescriptions Drugs and other retirement concerns.
A big core of what they do for their customers is Social Security Maximization, customizing and designing retirement plans using Structured Income Planning software to break down complex financial decisions into clearer choices for people, so they can better decide what financial options fit best for them. In addition, they provide Investment Advisory Services through Tucker Asset Management LLC, a registered investment adviser

Much of Retirement Resources Inc. business comes from customer referrals. Their staff takes the time to go the extra mile for their clients and always provides a no-obligation consultation for potential clients. “We’re not a hard sell firm,” says Todd. “When we meet people initially, it’s to answer their questions and give them whatever relevant information they need, and to reassure them that all their retirement goals can be accomplished at Retirement Resources Inc.”

Ric, Todd and their families “take full advantage of where we live,” says Ric, and that includes motorcycling, skiing, boating, hunting, fishing, and participating in a golf tournament to raise awareness for epilepsy. The Durdahl family is proud of its Wyoming roots, and looks forward to helping ensure their clients retire happy and go on with enjoying the best years of their lives.