When residents of Wyoming want trusted advice on wealth management, retirement planning, long term care, health costs, Social Security maximization and more, they turn to Retirement Resources, a firm whose Wyoming roots trace back to 1976.

Retirement Income Planning

How much retirement income will you need to maintain your lifestyle? How will you secure and protect that income from market downturns? Residents in Casper and other parts of Wyoming have turned to Ric and Todd Durdahl for help answering those questions and many others regarding retirement planning. Ric and Todd possess more than 40 years of combined experience and can help you protect your assets, manage your portfolio, and make sure you maximize your assets to ensure a happy retirement for you and your family.

Wealth Management

Retirement Resources Inc. believes in taking the big-picture view of your asset and wealth management, not the short-term approach adapted by many of the large finance corporations. As a boutique firm, they offer the same services of the giants, but with a much more personalized approach to customizing a plan that suits your particular financial circumstances. They understand that true wealth management only occurs when your goals are leading the way forward.

Maximizing Social Security

We all pay into Social Security but our benefits are widely varied. Brothers Ric and Todd Durdahl of Retirement Resources are experts at helping their clients understand how they can maximize their Social Security benefits. They’ll consider your age, income, Medicare coverage, average career annual earnings and various other factors that determine when you should begin taking your benefits. This is one of the most important retirement decisions you will make, so get some help from the experts, Ric and Todd Durdahl.

The Retirement Resources Difference

Whether it’s maximizing their Social Security benefits, estimating health care costs, tax deferment, wealth management or designing a customized retirement plan, residents in Casper, Wyo., rely on brothers Ric and Todd Durdahl of Retirement Resources Inc. for the 40-plus years of combined experience that they provide.


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